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Here are numerous ideas full of youth and passion! HYUNDAI Transys always welcomes diverse opinions and ideas in connection with production and R&D. Do not hesitate to share your creative, valuable ideas with us! You will be amazed by various benefits.

Suggestion process

  1. Suggestion to be written on the Idea Note (Written by)
  2. Review on each suggestion (Quality planning division)
  3. Review on applicability (R&D center, etc.)
  4. Review & rewarding (PR)

Suggestion award

"Rewarding up to 20% of a suggestion’s financial effects generated in the current year (12 months) regardless of its ranking"
  • Scope of ideasFunction enhancement or cost reduction of seats and powertrains, product design enhancement, etc.
  • How to make a suggestionHome Page [Customer Service > Idea Note > Suggest Menu]
  • Review standardsHYUNDAI Transys’ Suggestion Rewarding Bylaws
  • Review itemsFinancial effects, creativity, applicability, sustainability, ripple effect, etc
  • AwardsExcellent Suggestion Award, Good Suggestion Award, Notable Suggestion Award, etc.
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