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  • Power train production process
  • Seat production process

Seat production process

Video description
  • 1. Forming of foam pad

    In order to produce foam pad, inject mixed raw material into the frame and form the seat pad.

  • 2. Assembly of cushion/back frame

    Put the cover on the foam pad, and assemble the back frame to assemble a basic seat shape (Seat Assembly)
    *Torque management security process

  • 3. Assembly of injected parts

    Seat is moved through automated conveyor line and injected parts such as covers, levers are assembled.

  • 4. Heating (Winkle removing)

    By steam spraying, ironing and going-through infrared light heating booth, remove winkle of seat cover to improve completeness.

  • 5. Inspection and electrical part test

    Inspect the operation of power seat and noise in the soundproof room, and execute functional inspection for electrical parts.

  • 6. Delivery

    Seats that passed final inspection are packed and loaded into automated warehouse and supplied according to rank through computer system that connected to customer companies.

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