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HYUNDAI Transys is a producer of core parts such as the power train and seat

제품 브로슈어

Powertrain is a device that delivers the energy from vehicle engine to the wheels. Transmission, axle and 4WD devices in power train are being produced based on optimal design to assist efficient driving.


자동차 시트 (Seat)
제품 브로슈어

Vehicle seats are vehicle parts where diverse technologies for safety and convenience are integrated and organically connected. Our best laboratory for seat is researching future-oriented seats.


중기 (Heavy Machinery)

Heavy machinery refers to driving machinery in special areas such as the railroad cars, high-speed trains and rail motor cars. HYUNDAI TRANSYS is manufacturing the driving machinery necessary for controlling driving momentum of high horsepower in automatic transmission for railroad cars, decelerators for high-speed trains and driving machinery in rail motor cars.

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