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Talent registration

HYUNDAI TRANSYS is actively recruiting new graduate employees and experienced talents with the relevant competencies. Any talent who wishes to take on a new challenge, may apply through this channel.
Since there is no specific period of recruitment, you will be preferentially reviewed for employment selection when job posting.

Resume Upload

General qualification for application

  • Holder of a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • At least 3 years or more in related fields.* When applying for experienced positions.
  • Able to be employed in the pertinent country. Possesses permanent residency or employment visa and etc.
  • Eligible for overseas travel.


Job Category Positions Major and Qualification (* least BA/BS)
Business Support Business Planning Business, Law, Language
IT Computer, Industrial Engineering
Human Resources
Employee Relations
General Affairs
Business, Law, Language
Finance Finance
Procurement &
Purchasing Planning Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial,
Chemical, Material engineering
Purchasing Management
Component Development
Sales Domestic Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial,
Chemical, Language
Manufacture Support Production
(Assembly & Machining)
Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic
Production Engineering
Maintenance & Facility
Production Management
Quality Quality Planning Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Industrial,
Chemical, Material engineering
Quality Management
Advanced Quality
Quality Assurance
R&D Seat design Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic
Powertrain design Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic
Electronic & Control Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic Industrial,
Test & Analysis Chemical, Material engineering
Material & Development
Design Industrial design, Transportation design, other design

Application method

Upload your resume.
* Please specify the country in which you want to be employed.

Selection procedure


* Process may differ due to the job positions.

Pay/welfare benefits

The bylaw of our company

Other matters

  • We will only notice the selected applicants by phone and e-mail.
  • The submitted data will not returned or used for any purpose other than employment.
  • The employment will be canceled if there is a false entry in the submitted papers.
  • Other regulations will follow the law of related overseas’ entity.


Country Position Name e-mail
Georgia(US) Seat Eddie Mabe H11081@hyundai-transys.com
Georgia(US) Powertrain Taeeuk Kim 3731748@hyundai-transys.com
Michigan(US) Seat Sales Junkyu Kim jukukim@hyundai-transys.com
Michigan(US) Powertrain Sales Dongki Shin nmotive@hyundai-transys.com
Piracicaba(Brazil) Seat Susan Canteiro susan@hyundai-transys.com
San Luis Potosi(Mexico) Seat Ricardo Sanzhez ricardo.sanchezh@hyundai-dymos.mx
Monterrey(Mexico) Seat Rene Rodriguez H10627@hyundai-transys.com
Monterrey(Mexico) Powertrain Carlos Torres PM200285@hyundai-transys.com
Nošovice(Czech Rep.) Seat Radim Vsolek Radim.Vsolek@hyundai-dymos.cz
Žilina(Slovakia) Seat Norbert Nagy norbert.nagy@hyundai-transys.com
Chennai(India) Seat Dayanithi Raghav dayanithi@hyundai-transys.com
Andra(India) Powertrain & Seat Kalasagar Reddy kalasagar@hyundai-transys.com
Beijing(China) Powertrain Decai Wang H97015@hyundai-transys.com
Beijing(China) Seat Vivian Zhang LZhang14@lear.com
Beijing(China) Powertrain Sales Yongwoo Cho bjcarm@hyundai-transys.com
Rizhao(China) Powertrain(Manual) Minqiang Wang H91020@hyundai-transys.com
Rizhao(China) Powertrain(Auto) Qingjie Zhang P200311@hyundai-transys.com
Sichuan(China) Powertrain Wenfeng Bai H11178@hyundai-transys.com
Cangzhou(China) Seat Lu Wang wanglu@baicdymos.com
Chongqing(China) Seat Qiang Li liqiang@cqbaicdymos.com
Shanghai(China) Powertrain & Seat Sales Seungho Kim shkim2012@hyundai-transys.com
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