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Guidance on the Terms of Service for Gathering & Use of Personal Information

HYUNDAI TRANSYS has treated each customer’s personal information obtained through its home page just like its own information, and the Company will continue to make its most efforts to protect such personal information in every possible way.

In line with such efforts, HYUNDAI TRANSYS has fully complied with the <Personal Information Protection Act>, which is a main privacy protection law in South Korea.
HYUNDAI TRANSYS has formulated its privacy policy and disclosed the policy on its website in order to allow any customer to view the policy anytime/anywhere. Accordingly, the Company has been fully opened about its use of any personal information.
However, the Privacy Policy of HYUNDAI TRANSYS may be modified in accordance with certain legal or internal changes.
You may want to frequently check the Privacy Policy posted on our home page.

1. General Provisions
  • HYUNDAI TRANSYS (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') has treasured its customers’ privacy protection and fully complied with all governing laws associated with privacy protection (i.e. Personal Information Protection Act, etc.).
  • The Company discloses this Privacy Policy on the main page of its home page or other links in order to enable each customer to have a firm grasp on why & how his or her personal information has been used and on how safely the Company has processed any personal information.
  • For any modification to this Privacy Policy, the Company will post such modification and related reasons on the main page (“Notice”) of its Internet home page or other windows.
2. Personal information items gathered

The Company gathers the following personal information.

  • Job application

    • 1) Mandatory items: Personal information: Name, resident registration number, password
    • 2) Optional items: Optional items: Address, mobile phone number, phone number, e-mail, veteran welfare, military service, physical condition, residence type, hobby, talents, religion, education background, foreign language, licenses, overseas education, family information, career background, cover letter, etc
  • Cyber Voice of People/Idea Note/Contact us

    • 1) Optional items: Personal information: Name, password, e-mail, contact
3. Purpose of the gathering & use of personal information
  • In general, the Company gathers personal information through its home page(Recruiting, Cyber Voice of People, Idea Note, Contact us).
  • The Company will use any personal information gathered for the following purposes: Recruiting, complaint handling (Voice of People), suggestion check, customer consultation and so forth.
4. Sharing of personal information with a third party

The Company will use a user’s personal information in accordance with the provisions specified in the "3. Purpose of gathering & use personal information" and will not use or disclose such information without the prior permission by the user. However, such non-disclosure obligation will not apply in any of the following events.

  • If a user agrees on such disclosure
  • If such disclosure is required in accordance with governing laws or is requested by an investigation agency
5. Retention & application period of the gathered personal information
  • The Company will retain and use a customer’s personal information until the purpose for his or her “Agreement on the Gathering & Use of Personal Information” is fulfilled. In addition, once such purpose is fulfilled, the corresponding information will be immediately destroyed.
  • However, if such information to be destroyed needs to be retained in accordance with governing laws (i.e. Commercial Act, etc.), the Company will accordingly retain such information. In this event, the Company will use such information only for the retention purpose, and its retention period will be set as follows.

    retention period
    Category Retention period
    Job application Information retained
    (Name, Date of Birth, Education, Gender, Cellphone No.)
    3 years
    Etc. 1 years
    Cyber Voice of People 3 years
    Idea Note / Contact us 3 years
6. Process & Method for Destroying Personal Information

In general, the Company will immediately destroy any personal information after the purpose of its gathering & use is fulfilled. The Company’s destroying process and method are as follows.

  • Destroying process

    • 1) Any information you entered will be retained for a certain period of time and then destroyed after its purpose is fulfilled in accordance with governing laws and the Company’s bylaws (see the retention/use period).
    • 2) In addition, such personal information will not be used for any other purpose than retention unless otherwise stipulated in governing laws.
  • Destroying method

    • - All personal information printed on papers shall be destroyed with a paper shredder or through incineration.
    • - In addition, such electronically-saved personal information (file, etc.) shall be deleted based on a non-rewritable technique.
    • - In addition, such personal information will not be used for any other purpose than retention unless otherwise stipulated in governing laws.
7. Customer & his or her Legal Representative’s Rights & their Exercise Method
  • A customer or his or her legal representative (for the customer under the age of 14) may withdraw from the agreement on the gathering/use/provision of his or her personal information toward the Company.
  • In addition, such customer or legal representative may request for the inquiry on, provision of & error revision on his or her personal information.
  • In order to exercise such rights stated above, a customer should access the Company’s home page and go through a user authentication process on the Personal Information Management menu. Offline-wise, he or she should contact the Company’s Call Center or privacy control representative via mail, phone or email for such exercise.
  • If any customer requests for the revision on any error of his or her personal information, the Company will not use or disclose such information until such error is corrected. In addition, if such erroneous information has been already provided to a third party, the third party will be immediately notified and accordingly correct such error.
  • If a customer or his or her legal representative withdraws from the agreement on the gathering of his or her personal information, the Company will immediately destroy such information. However, if such information needs to be retained for certain legal obligations, such information will be processed in accordance with the 'Personal Information Retention/Use Period' of this Privacy Policy. In addition, such information will be inquired or used only if it is deemed essential.
8. Operation of an automated personal-information gathering device & its refusal

The Company uses 'cookies'. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from the Company’s website and stored in a user’s web browser (a user’s hard disk drive). The Company uses such cookies for the following purposes.

  • Purpose of the use of cookies
    Users’ cookies may be used for the following target marketing & customization purposes:
    Analysis of home page hits & visiting hours, analysis of users’ interests, participation in various events, and so forth.
    A user can activate or disable a cookie option. Therefore, a user can configure various options (i.e. allow all cookies, confirmation at the storage of cookie, deny all cookies, etc.) on his or her web browser.
  • Cookie disabling process
    A user can configure various options (i.e. allow all cookies, confirmation at the storage of cookie, deny all cookies, etc.) on his or her web browser.

    • - (For Internet Explorer): Select [Tools > Internet Option > Personal Information > Advanced > Configuration] at the top of the web browser.
    • - However, if you refuse to save any cookie, you may experience some difficulties in using certain login-required services.
9. Technical/Administrative Actions for Privacy Protection

With regard to the handling of any user’s personal information, the Company has implemented the following technical actions to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, falsification or damage of the user’s personal information.

  • A user’s personal information and password will be encrypted, stored and managed so that such data are only available to the user. In addition, certain critical data will be encrypted or security-locked.
  • In order to prevent any hacking or computer virus for privacy infringement, the Company has installed some security programs, performed regular security updates/inspections, established remote-accessrestricted systems, and monitored on such programs & systems technically & physically.
  • In addition, the Company has implemented the following security measures: Management (i.e. assignment, modification, termination, etc.) of certain access authorities to any personal-information processing database system, intrusion blocking system, and so forth.
  • Furthermore, the Company will appoint a representative in charge of processing personal information, and only the representative will be authorized to take any action in connection with such processing.
10. Personal Information Control Manager & Consultation/Reporting Method
  • The Company has appointed the following privacy management department and personnel in charge of protecting any personal information and handling any related complaints.

    Personal Information Control Manage
    Personal Information Officer in charge of Customer Service (Claim) Personal Information Officer in charge of Recruiting
    • Name : Seokhwa, Ma
    • Position : General manager
    • Department : Business planning division
      / Management Support Team
    • Contract : +82-31-369-9627
    • e-mail : mash@hyundai-transys.com
    • Name : Chandeuk, Jeong
    • Position : General manager
    • Department : Business planning division
      / Human Resource Team
    • Contract : +82-31-369-9661
    • e-mail : avangte@hyundai-transys.com
  • If you have any suggestion or complaint with regard to the Company’s privacy policy, the Company will take care of such suggestion or complaint as quickly & faithfully as possible.
  • If you need to report on any privacy invasion or need any consultation, please contact the following authorities.

    • - Privacy Infringement Reporting Center (led by Korea Internet Security Agency)
      : privacy.kisa.or.kr / (no area code) +82-118
    • - Internet Crime Investigation Center of Supreme Prosecutors’ Office
      : www.spo.go.kr / +82-2-3480-3573
    • - Cyber Terror Response Center of National Police Academy
      : www.netan.go.kr / +82-1566-0112
11. Supplementary Provisions

If there is any addition to, deletion of or revision to this Privacy Policy, the Company will post such addition, deletion or revision on the 'Notices' of its home page at least 7 days prior to such event. However, the Company will make such posting at least 30 days prior to any modification to the following data: Gathering & use of personal information, disclosure to a third party, and so forth.

Date posted: December 1, 2013 Effective date: December 1, 2013


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