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HYUNDAI TRANSYS is promoting various activities to reduce the environmental impact by minimizing the use of resources and the emission of pollutants in the production process. Through this, we’re acquiring and managing international environmental management system certifications on all our business sites.


Realizing Eco-Friendly Workplace

Core Tasks

  • Preemptive Response to Domestic/Foreign Regulations and Issues
    • Establishment of energy and greenhouse gas management system
    • Strengthening of the chemical substance monitoring system
    • Diagnosis of laws and preemptive response to new environmental regulations
  • Minimized Emission of Environmental Pollutants
    • Conclusion of a voluntary agreement on fine dust and implementation of reduction
    • Promotion of resource recycling activities
    • Reduction of pollutant emissions from business sites and surrounding areas
  • Response to Climate Change
    • Greenhouse gas emission management
    • Conversion of renewable energy
    • Conversion of renewable energy

Environmental Management System
(ISO 14001) Certification Status

Certification Status Table
Category Target Business Sites Certified Business Sites Ratio of Certification
Domestic 4 4 100%
Americas 5 5 100%
Europe 2 2 100%
IndiaNote 1) 2 1 50%
IndonesiaNote 2) 1 0 0%
China 6 6 100%
Total 20 18 90%
Note 1) Scheduled to be completed in 2022
Note 2) Scheduled to be completed in 2023

Toxic Material Management

HYUNDAI TRANSYS has established an integrated management system of toxic materials (THCMS*) to systematically manage toxic substances in products. Through this, we are efficiently and systematically managing customer requirements, collecting the latest regulatory information, analyzing the hazard of developed products, and registering the final approved substance information in the IMDS.
* Transys Hazardous Chemical Management System

Toxic Material Management Process

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  • IMDS (International Material Data System): A joint regulation of the automobile industry as an international material data management system developed by car manufacturers
  • MDS (Material Data Sheet): A list of components that describe the actual materials as a material information sheet (IMDS input unit)

Toxic Material Classification System

HYUNDAI TRANSYS is efficiently managing materials by establishing the in-house technical standards on prohibition and reporting of toxic substances, and providing information.
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  • DB : Databasing and system management are underway through THCMS