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Major Activities

HYUNDAI TRANSYS strives to create a world the “true partner for the future.”


Reuse of leather waste, “A green virtuous cycle”

Approximately 8 tons of leather waste are produced every month after a new seat development at HYUNDAI TRANSYS R&D Centers. In addition, it costs about 15 million won annually to dispose of this leather waste.

HYUNDAI TRANSYS is a proud sponsor of [Green Virtuous Cycle of Resources], which upcycles leather wastes from various testing processes in research centers into diverse products such as bags and purses.

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Happy Move Volunteer works

Different volunteer groups consist of willing employees across five business sites in Korea have been engaged in volunteer activities in different fields. In addition, they team up with Hyundai Motor Group's Happy Move Youth Volunteers to participate in overseas volunteering activities.

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Global Community service

Low-income families support project “Customized Social Responsibilities”

HYUNDAI TRANSYS conducts various social support projects tailored to the needs of each country. The program is under operation in eight global countries where HYUNDAI TRANSYS business sites are located.

  • - China: Desertification Prevention Program
  • - India: Home repair, tree planting
  • - Mexico: Children support facilities
  • - Brazil: Dental support for the underprivileged
  • - USA: Donation for firefighters

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Hope 1365

Hope activities of professional volunteer organizations

Hope 1365 is based on the Baby Boomer Volunteer Corps.
We help groups of vulnerable in local areas with Professional volunteer groups. The Seosan City Volunteer Center in Korea and the Baby Boomer Volunteer Corps aim to solve the 1,700 elderly safety and welfare problems in the region. We are producing and sponsoring a silver car (elderly walking car) for the elderly with limited mobility.
The Professional Volunteer Group was composed of retirees in their 50s and 60s who retired from technical jobs such as electricity and water. They carry out support projects to re-engage in society such as electricity, boiler repair, and LED lamp replacement.

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Sharing Hope

Education opportunities for low-income children

We have been provided scholarships to students who have had a one-to-one relationship with Seosan, Korea since 2007.
We provide low-income children with necessary items such as school uniforms and books. We support the dreams and hopes of community students.

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Blood donation campaign

Blood donation in Korea is very low due to a lack of interest and frequency.

HYUNDAI TRANSYS employees annually donate blood to take part in blood donation campaigns giving a hand to save lives. Employees donate blood voluntarily in hopes of looking after those who are sick or those who can’t get treated due to lack of blood.

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Angel tree of love

Sharing through fundraising events

At the end of every year, HYUNDAI TRANSYS sponsors fundraising programs to raise funds and hold an Angel tree of love project to support children from low-income families.

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