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ESG Strategy

Hyundai Transys is actively pursuing ESG management by establishing a mid- to long-term ESG strategy system for ‘transformation to sustainable mobility.’

Mid- to long-term
ESG vision
Transformation to
Sustainable Mobility
Strategic direction
Key tasks
Build a carbon
neutrality system
Contributing to a sustainable environment for future generations by striving
to achieve carbon neutrality across the entire value chain
Expand green
product development
Contributing to a sustainable environment for customers and nature
by developing more eco-friendly products as a global corporate citizen
Make an eco-friendly
Minimizing the impact on local communities and the natural environment
by reducing pollutant emissions from business sites
Create future jobs Enhancing social contributions by securing growth engines and providing
employment opportunities through talent acquisition in the eco-friendly field
Establish human rights
risk management system
Ensuring human rights protection and risk mitigation in the course of
business operations along with proactive human rights management
Promote diversity
and inclusion
Strengthening implementation efforts to realize a society without
discrimination and foster an organizational culture with diversity
and inclusion
Internalize safety
and health
Creating quality and safe jobs by preventing safety accidents,
spreading safety culture, and internalizing it
Innovate the corporate
Establishing a creative, horizontal corporate culture and cultivating
innovative and flexible-mindset talents through employee engagement,
facilitated communication, and capacity building
(Local community)
Disseminate social
contribution impact
Contribute to achieving sustainability for future generations by resolving
community problems
(Customer) Innovate
customer experience
and improve product
Providing valuable products and services for customers at the optimal
moment when they need them
(Supply chain) Build
a sustainable supply
Establishing a supply chain ESG management process to evaluate, manage
and improve potential ESG risks of suppliers
(BOD) Secure
soundness of the BOD
Securing independence, diversity, and expertise of the BOD to improve
soundness and operational efficiency of it