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Human Rights

Recognizing that respect for human rights is the most important factor in corporate management, HYUNDAI TRANSYS strives to fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights throughout its business activities.

Human Rights Policy

HYUNDAI TRANSYS enacts and operates human rights policies based on international standards and guidelines related to human rights and labor, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Constitution of the International Labor Organization and the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines.

Human Rights Policy Components

  • Non-discrimination
  • Compliance with working conditions
  • Humane treatment
  • Guarantee of freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Prohibition of forced and child labor
  • Guarantee of industrial safety
  • Protection of human rights on local residents
  • Protection of human rights of customers

Human Rights Risk Management System

HYUNDAI TRANSYS establishes the internal systems required for implementation in accordance with human rights policies, evaluates and improves human rights risks on a regular basis, and shares the results with the stakeholders. The human rights management organization implements the human rights risk management system according to the principle of good faith, and periodically reviews the management system to actively reflect social changes.

Human Rights Risk Management Process

  • Enactment and declaration of human rights policy
  • Establishment and implementation of human rights management system
  • Protection of human rights on local residents
  • Improvement support on human rights risks
  • Disclosure of implementation status on human rights management

Human Rights Education System

HYUNDAI TRANSYS provides a systematic human rights education to all employees and stakeholders to raise awareness on the respect for human rights.

Human Rights Education Process

  • 01
    Understanding of Human Rights Management / Formation of Consensus

    Implementation of basic education on human rights management for all employees

  • 02
    Internalization of Human Rights Management System by Sector / Target

    Establishment of in-depth education and action plan

    • Improvement of human rights leadership, human rights sensitivity on leaders
    • Discovery of human rights-related issues by each region of global business performers and measures to prohibit racial/intercultural discrimination
    • Internalization and implementation plan on human rights policies and regulations for customer service workers and practical workers
  • 03
    Evaluation of Human Rights Management Awareness / Practice Level

    Continuous management of human rights management practice level, discovery and improvement of risks and issues