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Functional component

HYUNDAI TRANSYS presents tailored functions for customers. We consider comprehensive details from small motor parts to every part’s combining positions for safety and comfort. The essence of HYUNDAI TRANSYS technology has been applied for multi-effectiveness.

Key Feature 1

Optimal driver protection

HYUNDAI TRANSYS investigates every object ahead and every possible collision. When radar detects an object, it analyzes the shape to describe whether there is a car or person in front. Warning sound can be turned on considering the probability of collision or accident. Drivers can step on the break to slow down listening to the alarm. If drivers do not respond to the warning, a vehicle can stop itself depending on its judgment in an emergency. HYUNDAI TRANSYS offers prioritized safe driving technology to minimize injury.

Key Feature 2

Comfortable and pleasant journey

Since seats are in so much contact with drivers while driving, they can be uncomfortable without a ventilation system depending on the weather and temperature.HYUNDAI TRANSYS seats have advanced heating and cooling functionality regarding the external environment and sedentary conditions for more comfortable and pleasant driving experiences.

Key Feature 3

Technology with aesthetic and precise design

Seats should provide comfort as a chair yet should not confine the driver’s movement. Precise designing is necessary for helping drivers keep proper position and distribute their weight efficiently while driving. HYUNDAI TRANSYS carefully analyzes various and sophisticated functional and aesthetic needs of customers. HYUNDAI TRANSYS systematically designs products to satisfy various needs beyond simply implementing functions for securing better competitiveness in the market.

Core component

1. Safety

Haptic system
It is the advanced visual audio warning technology for safe driving by warning drivers with vibration when it detects lane departures and changes in the surroundings.
Pre-active seat
It enhances safety by guiding passengers to a safer posture from the previous relaxed position before collision for their body to predict the frontal crash to reduce impact.
Active headrest
It reduces whiplash injury in the event of a rear-end collision.

2. Comfort

Heating/Cooling ventilation system
It presents a pleasant seat condition by adjusting the temperature and humidity of the seat.
Control system
Smart auto-heating wire control prevents low-temperature burns and provides pleasant in-vehicle environments for all four seasons with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
Active temperature adjustment system
It detects temperature and humidity of seats and in-car conditions and controls cooling/heating modules for better seat conditions with thermal comfort.

3. Emotion

Relaxation comfort seat
The seat automatically sets a desirable angle for the front-seat passenger to distribute their weight efficiently by reducing pressures on the buttocks and lower back and maximizes comfort with a relaxing position.
Cushion/Back comfort system
It not only fastens the driver’s position but also connects the car and driver as one. It prevents seat cushions from wearing out on longer journeys and improves comfort
Touch pop-up switch
When the switch is touched, the active state of seat pop-up on display. This new function upgrades switch control realization.