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Structure & Mechanism

HYUNDAI TRANSYS develops light and safe frames with simplified frame structures. HYUNDAI TRANSYS provides high satisfaction and cost-effectiveness by increasing module compatibilities. HYUNDAI TRANSYS strives to deliver various tailored frames with constant development of new technology.

Key Feature 1

Core mechanism portfolio

HYUNDAI TRANSYS puts the utmost efforts to meet the needs of customers and cut down the cost. From seat track to recliner and height adjuster, HYUNDAI TRANSYS simplifies combined structure between the core and frame reflecting fast-changing trends. Laser welding brings better compatibility by modularizing various models. For customer satisfaction, HYUNDAI TRANSYS endlessly develops new technology and extends the mechanism product line-up.

Key Feature 2

Standardized structure solution

HYUNDAI TRANSYS offers suitable structure solutions in accordance with various needs for seats. We have standardized frames classifying sizes of vehicles in four categories, large, medium, small and subcompact, by modularizing standards and commonalities of each size. HYUNDAI TRANSYS provides unwavering quality and functions to partners and supports them to reduce the development period and cost simultaneously.

Key Feature 3

Light and safe structure

HYUNDAI TRANSYS has rapidly progressed and developed optimized structures since the first seat business operation in 2004.We have achieved slim and lighter weight products with the application of structural optimization and ultra-high-strength steel. With those achievements, diverse space utilization and fuel efficiency have increased. In particular, the HYUNDAI TRANSYS frame is an excellent product guaranteeing lightweightness and safety.

Core component

1. Core Mechanism


The seat slider moves forward and backward for drivers of all shapes and sizes with the ability to set the driver optimal sitting position.The seat rail has a locking system and plays a key role in minimizing passenger injury in a collision. HYUNDAI TRANSYS keeps producing smooth and lightweight noise-free sliders and securing line-ups for customers’ needs.


The recliner is the essence of the backrest for passengers to adjust the seat to the desired position and the critical part to protect occupants from a collision. HYUNDAI TRANSYS recliner is made of the new material called boron steel from Hyundai Steel and weighs up to 20 percent less than rival companies. Manual specifications are applied to the first generation in the United States and Mexico, and the second generation, Genesis SUV, which has been manufactured by domestic and international manufacturers. Power specifications are applied to the premium Genesis brand in the USA, Mexico and Korea and have earned the recognition premium technology and high quality. HYUNDAI TRANSYS ceaselessly conducts research to meet the needs of autonomous vehicle drivers.

Height adjuster

The height adjuster offers a commanding view of the road by moving driver and passenger seats upward and downward. It satisfies not only the basic needs for solidity but also aesthetical standards. HYUNDAI TRANSYS minimized forms to provide more flexible frame assembly packages and saved weight by successfully manufacturing lighter weight parts (300g). It is applied to the first generation produced in Mexico and the second generation produced in India, and HYUNDAI TRANSYS plans to expand the market as a new goal.

2. Seat Frame

The first-row frame

HYUNDAI TRANSYS offers standardized frames applicable to all segments from A to Fand all four different types of vehicles classified as large, medium, small and small-low cost. With endless R&D efforts, HYUNDAI TRANSYS upgraded technology through the third generation and secured safety with the application of ultra-high-strength steel and an optimal structure. HYUNDAI TRANSYS brings weight savings to improve fuel efficiency. Standardized seat frames help to cut down cost by reducing the production period.

The second and third-row frame

It is applied to the premium brand Genesis, and the technology and quality have been demonstrated and acknowledged.For more convenience, HYUNDAI TRANSYS has applied designing functions for cargo capacity and the comfort of second-row passengers, one-touch walk-in function for easier access, and exit from third-row seats and power mechanisms. The recliner function has been applied to the third row allowing subtle angle adjustment for better comfort. Fold-and-dive seat increases convenience with auto-dive function by a metal spring.