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HYUNDAI TRANSYS puts the customer experience first. HYUNDAI TRANSYS conducts research to deliver differentiated emotions and satisfaction with state-of-the-art technology and an artistic touch.

Key Feature 1


HYUNDAI TRANSYS puts the driver’s experience first from the beginning of the designing process. HYUNDAI TRANSYS researches to maximize the emotional and aesthetic satisfaction in every step while using vehicles. HYUNDAI TRANSYS consider all current and future customers. HYUNDAI TRANSYS analyzes seat usage scenarios and suggests design concepts for a fast-changing mobility environment.

Key Feature 2


HYUNDAI TRANSYS strives to create various designs with stories to understand and communicate with customers.HYUNDAI TRANSYS examines the tangible and intangible customer values for a better experience and touching impression. HYUNDAI TRANSYS suggests different design concepts free from existing customs.

Key Feature 3


HYUNDAI TRANSYS develops comprehensive designs meeting the technical and aesthetic needs for a better customer experience.HYUNDAI TRANSYS endlessly studies forms under numerous engineering conditions for aesthetic satisfaction.

Design process

1. Planning designs/Establishing concepts

We provide creative ideas by analyzing markets, customers and circumstances. We discuss how we would approach markets and customers as the first step of design.”
Future Mobility Interior Proposal :
Precedent design development including customer needs and market trends analysis, target selection and concept establishment for better competitiveness in the future.
Production development:
An optimal approach to characteristics of cars and customers and unique selling proposition (USP) / Providing seat designs with peerless technology

2. 3D modeling

In a development stage, creative ideas are measured in a quantitative numerical figure.
Design concept visualization :
Visualizing 2D images into 3D data for multi-angle actualization HYUNDAI TRANSYS develops comprehensive designs meeting technical and aesthetic needs for customer experience.

3. Color & Pattern suggestion

We express styles with exterior materials matching with colors.
Global color, material and finishing (CMF) trend analysis and customized solutions for enhancing competitive advantages in the future .R&D projects for sustainable materials New material/technology analysis and seat integration idea suggestion

4. Mock-up

It allows us to experience future mobility with actual model production and shows better directions.
Mock-up evaluation and total interior development direction suggestion Achieving high-quality mass production with exterior evaluation and improvement of trial products in the aesthetic aspect at every process.