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The new HYUNDAI TRANSYS CI that will act as a new milestone in the mobility system.

Symbol mark

HYUNDAI TRANSYS CI represents Next Leadership in the automotive components system.

The initial N connecting the word 'Transform' and 'System' symbolizes the values of 'Next' and 'And'. Furthermore, the logo features embossed and depressed forms within the letter 'N' that symbolize the constantly changing and evolving industry.

The triangular motif 'Sky Triangle' has the below symbolic meanings: the new milestone in the auto parts industry, eco-friendly company, and technology capability to tow the future of automobiles.

CI Download

HYUNDAI TRANSYS symbol is the key to represent its identity. The stated rules and principles must be followed to avoid damaging the image.

  • Vertical Symbol mark
  • horizontal Symbol mark
  • Chinese Symbol mark


Color is an important element that expresses the corporate image and conveys a consistent identity. The exclusive color is a systemized material that applies, expresses and manages the symbol mark color in the most optimal manner in different platforms and situations.

Incorrect Usage

It must not be changed, distorted, or abused in any case, and users of the symbol must follow the guidelines and principles specified to prevent damaging the corporate image. These are samples of prohibitions when using the symbol mark. Users are prohibited from using any other similar types to examples below.


  • DO NOTChanging the scale of the symbol mark​
  • DO NOTChanging the proportions of the symbol mark​
  • DO NOTChanging the logo type​


  • DO NOTUsing colors other than designated ones​
  • DO NOTApplying colors to the border of the symbol mark​
  • DO NOTUsing gradation in the symbol mark​


  • DO NOTUsing the symbol mark over a background with a less legible color​
  • DO NOTUsing the symbol mark over a complex pattern​
  • DO NOTUsing the symbol mark over a complex image​