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Complete seats

From the most luxurious passenger vehicle to an electric car, HYUNDAI TRANSYS provides top quality seats for a comprehensive range of vehicles. HYUNDAI TRANSYS develops perfect seat solutions with distinctive and creative innovation including lightweight parts, enhanced functions and customized designs, fast and precise designing and thorough quality control.

Key Feature 1

Green Eco seat

HYUNDAI TRANSYS not only satisfies the environmental standards but also focuses on developing light-weight and natural ingredients for the application of eco-friendly materials. With the effort, HYUNDAI TRANSYS developed foam pads by utilizing natural vegetable oil that reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption and provides antimicrobial effects for customers’ health. Furthermore, HYUNDAI TRANSYS is the first company in the world which developed and applied a room-temperature adhesives technology with thermostat, solvent-free polyurethane (PUR) adhesives that highly effectively reduces odors and toxic materials.

Key Feature 2

Evaluation for flawless seats

The largest seat R&D center collaborates with design centers in the United States and India to create seat systems reflecting new lifestyles. Production model seats become spotless with about 200 different tests such as solidity, performance, durability, and material evaluation. Safer & more comfortable HYUNDAI TRANSYS makes continuous efforts with endless research to supply optimal seats through multifaceted evaluations.

Key Feature 3

The highest quality acknowledged by customers

HYUNDAI TRANSYS global seat plants manufacture products with standardized manuals and rigorous quality control and consistently enhancinge quality by applying the most suitable processes The most luxurious sedan, Genesis, equipped with HYUNDAI TRANSYS seats is internationally recognized and ranked the top in the customer satisfaction section of Consumer Reports published by the American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI). HYUNDAI TRANSYS was selected by General Motors (GM) as an excellent quality partner for three consecutive years, and it demonstrates high satisfaction in quality control

Key Feature 4

Tailored know-how for every type of vehicle

HYUNDAI TRANSYS produces seats considering all elements from premium seats with the best specifications that are applied to the Genesis to economic seats. HYUNDAI TRANSYS provides one-stop solutions from market research to designing and assembly for customized seats applicable to more types of vehicles. HYUNDAI TRANSYS recently began focusing on electric car seats based on unique and creative secret tips.

  • Sedan

  • Luxury sedan

    • ㆍGenesis G90 (Korea)
    • ㆍGenesis G80 (Korea)
    • ㆍGenesis G70 (Korea)
  • Large sedan

    • ㆍKia K9 (Korea)
  • Semi-large sedan

    • ㆍHyundai Grandeur (Korea)
  • Midsize sedan

    • ㆍHyundai Sonata (Korea)
  • Semi-midsize sedan

    • ㆍHyundai Lafesta (China)
    • ㆍHyundai i30 (Czech)
    • ㆍKia K3 (Korea, Mexico)
  • Small sedan

    • ㆍHyundai Accent (India)
    • ㆍHyundai i20 (India)
    • ㆍHyundai HB20 (Brazil)
    • ㆍKia Rio (Mexico)
  • Light sedan

    • ㆍHyundai i10 (India)
  • SUV

  • Luxury SUV

    • ㆍGenesis GV80 (Korea) *Frame only
    • ㆍGenesis GV70 (Korea) *Frame only
    • ㆍGenesis GV60 (Korea) *Frame only
  • Semi-large SUV

    • ㆍHyundai Custo (China)
    • ㆍKia Mohave (Korea)
  • Midsize SUV

    • ㆍHyundai Santa Fe (USA, India, Indonesia)
    • ㆍKia Sorento (USA)
  • Semi-midsize SUV

    • ㆍHyundai Tucson (Czech, China, India)
    • ㆍHyundai ix35 (China)
    • ㆍKia Sportage (Korea, Slovakia)
    • ㆍKia Carens (India)
  • Small SUV

    • ㆍHyundai Venue (India)
    • ㆍHyundai Creta (India, Brazil, Indonesia)
    • ㆍKia Seltos (Korea, India)
    • ㆍKia Soul (Korea)
    • ㆍKia Sonet (India)
  • Light SUV

    • ㆍHyundai Casper (Korea)
  • EV

  • Electric car

    • ㆍGenesis GV70 (USA)
    • ㆍHyundai IONIQ 6 (Korea)
    • ㆍHyundai Kona (Czech, India)
    • ㆍKia EV9 (Korea)
    • ㆍKia Soul (Korea)
    • ㆍLucid Air (USA)
    • ㆍRivian R1T, R1S (USA)