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HYUNDAI TRANSYS performs periodic supply chain ESG risk assessments based on the partner code of conduct and operates a constant risk monitoring system. It also strives to fulfill its social responsibilities with partners by supporting improvement through various programs.

Supply Chain Management Strategy

  • Supply Chain ESG Management

    • Supply chain ESG risk assessment
    • Risk monitoring system
  • Shared Growth

    • Technical, management, educational and financial support
    • Creating a fair trade culture
  • Conflict Minerals Management

    • Conflict minerals inspection and due diligence

Supply Chain ESG Evaluation

HYUNDAI TRANSYS supports improvement of the supply chain’s sustainability management standard by diagnosing the ESG standard to discover and implement the improvement factors for partners.
  • 01
    Selection of evaluation targets
    • Establishment of evaluation plan
    • Selection of target partners
    • Confirmation of evaluation indicators
  • 02
    Self-evaluation of partners
    • Performance of self-diagnosis
    • Presentation of supporting documentation
  • 03
    Written diagnosis
    • Compilation of partner evaluations
    • Selection of on-site inspection partners
  • 04
    On-site due diligence
    • Performance of on-site due diligence
    • Performance of document review, on-site verification and interview
  • 05
    Receipt of improvement plan
    • Sharing evaluation results
    • Receipt of countermeasures for the pointed out matters
  • 06
    • Confirmation of improvement results
    • Improvement of evaluation methods, etc.

Operation of Partner Risk Monitoring System

HYUNDAI TRANSYS predicts and manages the risks that arise from the partner companies in advance by monitoring news related to the partner companies and analyzing information in real time through an analysis tool using the machine learning techniques.
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